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Make-Up-Hi Def Pigments / Crushed Minerals-shadow-paraben free

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EDWIN BARROWs HI DEF Pigment in an intense bright blue pigment that is never diluted and offers a variety of applications. Use it with a transformer as an eyeliner or as is as a translucent eye shadow. For lips, couple with a clear lip gloss or to the center of lips for a pop of color. Apply to hair with hair gel or with a moisturizer to give the body an enhanced sheen. For nails, use with clear nail enamel for intense colors. EDWIN BARROW crushed minerals are paraben free, non-comedogenic, hypo-allergenic, not tested on animals and fragrance free.

  • never diluted - just intense pigment
  • use with transformer as an eyeliner
  • use as is, as a translucent eye shadow
  • use with clear lip gloss to create any shade of lip gloss
  • use with hair gel and apply to hair
  • apply directly to center of lips for a pop of color
  • use with a moisturizer or body lotion to give body an enhanced sheen
  • use with clear nail enamel to create intense colors
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